Who is Elixar?

Elixar™, a pioneer in wireless networking, monitors and helps secure wireless local area networks with the distributed, hosted system of its flagship software product AirTraf™. AirTraf, created in 2001, was among the first wireless LAN traffic analyzers available, and the open source version boasts over ten thousand downloads around the world. read more...

What does Elixar do?

With the rewritten enterprise-grade AirTraf 2.0, you can monitor the traffic and performance of every AP, client, group or site where you have wireless, set up numerous alerts to any potential problems, and track the history of traffic patterns and problem cases. Elixar is today focused on serving those organizations that yearn to unlock the personal productivity gains of wireless networking for voice, video and data - yet which still harbor concerns about security and manageability. read more...


IBM developerWorks says AirTraf Wireless Analyzer "Ready for Takeoff."
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Press Release:

Elixar Brings Inital Product to Market
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